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The Knot Hiding Acromioclavicular Stabilizing Kit for Acromioclavicular Joint Separation

The Clavicular Clip and Subcoracoid Clip are made of medical titanium. The Clavicular Clip is designed to sit flush on the clavicular surface without leaving a protruding knot. The loop of the Clavicular Clip hides the connecting suture knot in the clavicular drill hole. The 5-mm Clavicular Clip loop and the knot located in the 5.5-mm drill hole, at the same time, squeeze the tendon graft limbs against the clavicular drill-hole wall. An interference screw is unnecessary decreasing the amount of foreign material required. The Subcoracoid Clip is designed to be a simple device with a smooth crossbar. The interconnecting suture is attached to the Subcoracoid Clip with a loop knot, which reduces friction on the suture. The clips allow the use of a double-folded No. 5 braided non-resorbable suture. Subsequent implant removal is not needed. In cyclical load stress tests, forces up to 400 N per >100 cycles can be applied to suture knots without their snapping depending on the suture material (Mectalent, Oulu Finland; Design Verification Report 2017; No. MEC-157).

The system includes the straight blunt Lasso Guide for passing the nitinol lasso through the clavicular and coracoid drill holes and the Hook Guide for passing the possible tendon graft behind the coracoid process.

The advantages achieved:
    1. No protruding heavy knots on the clavicle
    2. Reduces the risk of a clavicular wound infection
    3. Allows the use of a tendon graft
    4. Friction free stability for the Subcoracoid Clip
    5. Simple and easy to handle